About Maria

Maria Horelli-Rosenlew
After many  years of work managing teams in fast moving tech businesses Rosebud Ventures was founded in 2000 by Maria Horelli-Rosenlew, to support entrepreneurs with hands-on tools and coaching on their journeys to grow.

Rosebud Ventures is based on three cornerstones:
1. Head: Priorities, Tools & Metrics
2. Hands: Customer & Market Validation
3. Heart: Self Insight &  Team Potential

The idea of the Rosebud toolkit originates from Marias days at Microsoft during the 90’s as Director of the Nordic Internet Customer Unit, when she decided to scrap strategy meetings and instead created a” business model canvas” for team priorities, starting from blank paper. This was the embryo of Rosebud Ventures, before the time of lean canvases and startup incubators and accelerators.

Maria later understood that she had actually created a toolkit for agile leadership suitable for distributed teams, far from industrial age management practices. Many talk about agility, transparency and co-creation, however we at Rosebud actually puts this into practice  with the founders we work with. The combination of Finnish directness, the American way of management by objectives and the Swedish consensus seems to be the right cocktail – leading to customer satisfaction.

Rosebud Ventures has worked with more than 65+ founders and teams such as BlueCall, WhiteLines, Twigeo, Sitoo and Abicart as well as investors and incubators. The Rosebud Toolkit and Method ™ is now proven and ready to go!

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