When a business is initiated there is a lot of focus on customers, their needs, and problems. The whole company is built around solving the actual problem and everybody is highly engaged to serve the first clients. However, as the company grows it becomes hard to get employees to stay focused and to stay true to the mission – What is the actual “beef” that attracts new customers and keeps core customers coming back and buying over and over again?

What does customer and market validation mean?

Continuous customer and market validation mean that the company keeps its eye on the ball regarding customers and market behavior changes. It becomes easier to prioritize product development and sales & marketing efforts for the best impact and results.

Why is it so hard?

As the business grows there are more and more things to be done. Keeping the eye on the target group’s needs and behavior changes is delegated to a few and the rest of the organization becomes detached and immersed with other tasks.

How can you go about it?

By implementing a culture where it becomes part of all roles to actually talk to customers in a structured way at least a few times a year it becomes possible to retain customer orientation and focus throughout the company.

5 Steps to arrange customer validation interviews.
  1. Create a format and train everybody to conduct structured customer interviews
  2. Make it a goal for everybody and follow-up manager and employee
  3. Onboard all new employees by letting them partake in a customer interview
  4. Conduct interviews once each quarter or half-year and document insights
  5. Celebrate the stories by making them visible

Rosebud Note! Talking with enthusiastic customers is the best way to motivate and inspire employees making it meaningful to work for the company.

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