Do founders feel alone at times? 5-Step guide to finding a speaking partner!

In a conversation with our founder Maria, we discuss the stigma around some of the suppressed parts of the founder role. This is due to the current glorified view of entrepreneurship. The media portrays founders and their lifestyle as glamorous where the entrepreneur is his/her own boss, making the rules, and everything is hunky-dory. Unfortunately, this view is not realistic.

Many founders are at the center of attention from their teams, their customers, and their stakeholders. Everybody wants to get the solution to problems – big or small. When working 24/7, one can feel alone in the midst of the tornado.

What happens when you don’t get the support you need?

High pressure on the founder can seriously hinder growth and the value creation of the company. This may result in either quick and dirty actions or inertia. In addition, being on your own with difficulties to prioritize may lead the business on the wrong ‘long term’ track.

What can be done? 5 steps to finding a speaking partner/advisor: 

Get support from at least one trustworthy and knowledgeable speaking partner, who is close enough to understand different issues in terms of operations, people, and doing business. Finding this person is core. Several people might offer advice, but choose one who ticks the boxes.

  1. Decide what you are looking for and choose the criteria: 1) Expertise 2) Experience 3) Personality 4) Availability 5) Budget 

  2. Dedicate time to find this person.

  3. Create an intro mail and a role description.

  4. Make a list of the most relevant contacts in your network to contact. Go outside your comfort zone and go to extra lengths to find a suitable speaking partner. 

  5. Go Go Go!

    Rosebud Note! The goal is to work and live a life as an entrepreneur that is fun and filled with new insight in the midst of the fierce “fight”.

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